Online Counseling

Online counseling (also known as telehealth, telemental health, virtual counseling, or videoconferencing) is a great way to connect with a counselor from your own home or office. I offer virtual sessions through a secure videoconferencing platform that allows us to talk securely, while still protecting your privacy. Online counseling has many benefits: no need to fight traffic to get to therapy, saving time that would have been used to commute to the therapy office and back, ability to work with a counselor who isn’t as close to your geographic location, ability to schedule sessions at the most convenient time for you, and talking from your own comfortable home environment are some of the benefits of online counseling that my clients have enjoyed.

Online counseling is not appropriate for every client. When you contact me, we’ll discuss your circumstances and your hopes to determine if online counseling is the best fit for your current needs. I also offer an approach that combines online counseling along with some in-person sessions.

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